Knowledge Analytics


How do you read a million books? Or ten-thousand clinical reports? How do you unlock crucial insights buried deep in dozens of textbooks and syllabi? And how can this be done in any domain, from biomedicine to data science?

Leveraging several patent-pending solutions, BigKnowledge® helps you make sense of the sea of digital data that organizations are drowning in, enabling you to discover new patterns and relationships. You will be enabled to see abstract data in a whole new light, from simple trend analysis to complex high-dimensional patterns. Our conceptual, visual, and analytic approaches will not only help you find answers to your most vexing data-analytic problems. More importantly, we will empower you to arrive at completely new questions about your organization and application domain.


The ability to transform large, heterogeneous data into sense-making tools and meaningful results depends to a large degree on having a rich set of concepts at one's disposal. A common theme running through our solutions is the idea of "Geography as Metaphor", which entails re-interpreting clients' processes and data in a spatial framework, even when such data are not geographically referenced. BigKnowledge® will guide you towards recognizing and leveraging regions, networks, and the multi-scale nature of phenomena, whether you are dealing with text documents, environmental sensors, or statistical aggregates. Novel forms of computational and visual representation will then come to the fore, as you look for patterns, relationships, and trends.


BK team members have for many years been at the forefront of innovative visualization. Whether you are faced with large collections of text documents, longitudinal attribute data, or georeferenced data, our solutions will enable you to see your data with a fresh perspective. As varied as the types of data are the domains within which we have operated, including biomedicine, finance, environmental and science and technology (S&T) studies.


When innovative concepts, intense computation, and engaging visualization come together, users are enabled to find patterns and relationships, generate hypotheses, as well as educate themselves about unfamiliar domains. Discover what it means to move from big data to BigKnowledge®!