Reuse & Mashup

Don't let good data go to waste! Think of all the knowledge products (internal and external communications, reports, records, news streams) generated or ingested during the course of everyday business activities. Are you currently able to effectively extract and exploit the knowledge contained in those records? Or is it simply exiting the data exhaust?

We enable you to weave diverse knowledge sources into a common operating picture. Relate any actor, activity, and artifact to any other: resumes, job ads, public tenders, after-action reports, news streams, government statistics. You can map yourself, your competitors, and the overall market landscape. Literally.

Reference Systems & Basemaps

At the core of our proprietary solutions lies the creation of locational reference systems and basemaps. What is a reference system? Think of latitude & longitude and how they function as an essential reference system for geographic location, without which no navigator, no climate analyst and no urban planner could operate. THAT is what we provide for abstract knowledge spaces, using techniques ranging from natural language processing to machine learning and ontologies.

Basemaps are derived from reference systems. They are useful as visual overviews of domain structures, using spatial concepts well-known to users, like landscapes and networks. More importantly, they serve as stable backdrops on which advanced visualization and analytics can occur. Basemap examples: Accounting & Management Consulting, Chemistry

Visualization & Analytics

Decision-makers today are overwhelmed by an avalanche of available publications, records, and other data. But how do you read a million books? Or ten-thousand clinical reports? How do you unlock crucial insights buried deep in corporate records, your own and your competitors'? The human brain is a powerful instrument for reasoning and decision-making, but it needs help!

Our answer is a cognitive amplification strategy aimed at finding hidden and non-obvious patterns and relationships through visualization. Whether dealing with volumes of text documents, time series data, or geodata, we will enable you to see your data | organization | people with fresh eyes, in any domain, from finance to biomedicine, from education to law enforcement.